Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Cairo, Egypt

Cairo, popularly known as 'The Jewel of the Orient' is situated on the banks of the River Nile to the south of its delta.

History: Cairo, the Triumphant City and the glorious capital of Egypt as also known as the cradle of civilization. 'The City of the Thousand Minarets', Cairo is the largest city in the Middle-East and Africa. It's the best place where you can see past meeting present with the evidence of 2000 years of Islamic, Jewish and Christian Coptic culture that continue to flourish here. You can know more about the history of Cairo on Cairo Tour.

Tourist Attractions:

The Egyptian Museum of Antiques: This museum houses some of the greatest masterpieces like the statue of Khafre. Royal Mmummy Room and Tutankhamun Gallery are some of its major attractions.

Khan al-Khalili: Khan al-Khalili is considered to be one of the largest markets in the world. On the northern side of the bazaar is the Mosque of Sayyidna al- Hussein, one of the holiest Islamic sites of Egypt.

The Pyramids of Giza: Counted amongst the Seven Wonders of the World, The Pyramids of Giza is the oldest and the largest pyramid and the major attraction of Egypt. Just standing in front of the Great Pyramid, is the Sphinx, known as the Abu al-Hol. Explore all these places on Cairo Tour.


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